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“And it is written that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in hell. As he breaks, so it shall break.”  zombie(s)

i freaked about not being able to make friends because i’ve been friends with the same people for 10 years so i’m lacking that skill and brett told me to take a shisha bong to uni as alternate to actual drugs to make friends
err how do i say thank you but no thank you i would never smoke and shisha is like 100 times worse than a cigarette
oh man oh man oh man i’m just not cool and i refuse to smoke or do drugs to fit in so yeah the next 3 years should be nice and lonely

  -  24 April

Anonymous asked: that's because you're a frigid cunt

erm okay

  -  23 April

(i pressed send way too quickly on that and would like to clarify that you are strange and you have not and will not ever come near me kl)

  -  23 April

Anonymous asked: You're not a virgin I've been inside you balls deep


  -  23 April


everyone’s so sexual on tumblr but half of us are virgins

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